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What is a Professional Organizer?
 A Professional Organizer is someone who provides information, products and/or services to help people get organized.

What does a Professional Organizer Do?
Professional Organizers assist with many areas of organization including residential, business, time management, paper management, clutter control, chronic disorganization, behavior modification, space planning, filing, coaching, wardrobes, closet systems, event planning, errands, personal shopping, financial management, memorabilia/photographs, packing/moving, records management, training, computers, kitchens, public speaking/seminars/training, home offices, corporate offices, etc. Professional Organizers may be very specific in the types of organizing they offer or they may be general and offer a wide array of organizing services. Some professional organizers work with specific populations such as, seniors, children, students, legal/medical offices, ADD, chronically disorganized, etc. Others offer products, have written books and/or offer seminars/workshops on the general subject of organizing or a specific aspect of organizing. Some PO’s work locally, while others have national or international availability.

How does one become a Professional Organizer?
While there are no official credentials to become a Professional Organizer, one should have a good understanding of what an organizer does, have a thorough knowledge of organizing products and services and, of course, excellent organizational skills. There are no "official" manuals on how to organize, however, there are many excellent books available at local bookstores and libraries, written by experienced and well-respected professional organizers. The SBA (Small Business Administration) can provide resources on the field and assistance with business start-up. NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers, is also an excellent resource for referrals to Professional Organizers who provide mentoring and/or coaching for those who wish to become a professional organizer.  NAPO also has regional and local chapters.  Contact them to find one close to you and attend a meeting.  NAPO is in the process of creating a certification program for Professional Organizers.  Contact NAPO for details.

Many organizers come from backgrounds such as corporate managers, counselors, social workers, coordinators, teachers, household managers and many other professions where the skill of organizing and being organized is essential.

How Do I find a Professional Organizer in my area?
The Professional Organizers Web Ring is an excellent Internet resource (Please remember, if you do not find a local organizer on this website, it does not necessarily mean that there is not one in your area.  It may simply be that they do not have a company website).  If there are no professional organizers listed in your area, NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, offers a referral and information line at 512-206-0151. They also have a website at www.napo.net. . You may also do a general Internet search for "professional organizers", "organizing", or a specific topic of organizing (e.g. "time management"), using any major search engine. Many Professional Organizers are located by referral.  Also, some Professional Organizers offer seminars, workshops and classes at local community colleges, bookstores, adult education programs, etc.  This would be a great place to locate a PO in your area.  

Is the POWR affiliated with NAPO?
No. The Professional Organizers Web Ring is not affiliated with NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers, however, many POWR Members are also members of NAPO.

What is a Web Ring?
A web ring is a web site database consisting of a group of website links to and from the web ring. Members of a web ring generally share a common theme, for example, Professional Organizers. Its purpose is to help individual Internet browsers locate and find many websites of a particular group on the World Wide Web. The POWR allows Internet users to locate many professional organizers in one step without having to do numerous searches or needing to know individual web site addresses. The POWR is multi-national and has no affiliation with NAPO, however, many of its members are NAPO members and are from the USA. We are also building our Canadian and Worldwide membership. ALL Professional Organizers are invited to join. We promote the FIELD of Professional Organizing.

How does linking to the Ring benefit a Professional Organizer?
When the web site of any participating professional organizer is found and visited, the Web Ring’s POWR Link Logo is accessible and provides a link to the Web Ring. This allows the browser to have access to the products and services of many professional organizers. As a member of the POWR, a Professional Organizer benefits by having greater exposure to Internet Users who may not have been looking for that particular organizer but who may have found them through the POWR. It also allows the Professional Organizer’s website to be found quickly and easily. PO’s who offer products can benefit a great deal since location of the business is not necessarily a factor when purchasing a product. A browser can see which companies offer what products by reading the member profiles and then get the details by going to the company site.

How do you promote the Web Ring?
Because of its nature, the Web Ring is sure to be found by the public because it is registered with multiple leading search engines. The true power of the Web Ring comes from the participating members POWR Link Logo that is attached to the main page of their websites. If a listed member is registered with a search engine that the Professional Organizers Web Ring is not, the Web Ring will surely be found via the participating member’s POWR Link Logo.

How do I become a Member?
Joining the Professional Organizers Web Ring is easy!  You must be in the field of professional organizing.  Simply go to http://www.organizerswebring.com/info.asp and follow the easy online instructions.  

Can a PO be listed on your site if they do not currently have a web page?
Yes!  Simply by purchasing a "Basic with Profile" Membership. Click here for details

I understand that you offer a service for POs who would like to develop a web presence. Can you explain how this works?
The Web Ring would like to include all Professional Organizers. We offer a "Basic with Profile" feature which allows you to have a one page website.
Click here for details.

If we have not addressed your specific question or concerns,  please feel free to contact us at ringmasters@organizerswebring.com. 

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